Que.1 - What are the types of wires you are making?

Single Core Wire - For Auto cables (As per JIS C-3406)
- For House Wire (As per IS-694)
-For High Temperature – As per IS-694 (150 C for 30mins.)
2 Core Flat/Round Wire - For LED (As per IS-694)
3 Core Round Wire - For LED (As per IS-694)
4 Core/Multicore Round Wire - For Data Cable.
Silicon Wire- For High temperature (- 40°C to +180°C)

Que.2 - What temperature can your regular PVC wire withstand?

Ans.- 120°C for 100 Hours.

Que. 3 – What type of copper you are using?

Ans. – Lead free copper with 99.9% Purity. We use – Bare copper, tinned copper and Twisted and tinned copper.

Que. 4 – Do you have wire cutting and stripping facilities?

Ans. – Yes, we have 8 machines to cut/Strip and twist the wires automatically.

Que. 5 – Do you use bunched copper?

Ans. – Yes, around 3% to have better grip of PVC and Copper.

Que. 6 – Do you have in-house testing facilities?

Ans. – Yes, we have all instruments to test the wires as per IS-694 and JIS C-3406 (Japanese Industrial Standard)

Que. 7 – Do you export your cables?

Ans.- Yes. But not directly. We sell wiring Harness to M/S Minda Group, which exports the material.

Que. 8 - Can you supply customised wire sizes with cut & Strip?

Ans. – Yes.

Que.9 - What type of solder do you use?

Ans.- 60:40, Tin-Lead

Que. 10 – What type of Tin do you use?

Ans.- Malaysia.

Que.11 - What is the % of GST in wires and wiring harness?

Ans.- 18%

Que. 12- What about the transportation?

Ans. –It is up to the customer; we can dispatch the material as per customer suggestion. Freight, is to be paid by customer only.

Que. 13 – How much time do you take to dispatch thematerial?

Ans. Normally 3-4 days. Depends on therequirement. If the wire is regular, we can dispatch quickly. Highly common wires are always available in stock.

Que. 14- Can you give test report, along with the material?

Ans. – Yes.

Que. 15 – What is you production capacity at present?

Ans. – Around 65%. But it can be increased any time by around 50% more in months time.

Que. 16 - What are your future plans?

Ans. – We are planning to export the various types of wires, very soon.

Que. 17- What is the MOQ?

Ans.- For regular wires, there’s no MOQ. For special wires, MOQ is 2000 Metres.